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Dorey's Swim Club Logo

Welcome to Dorey's

Dorey's is one of the oldest swimming schools in Johannesburg, training children and adults from beginners up to National level competitors. When you join Dorey's, you're joining a family that is committed to nurturing young swimmers into greatness by giving them a space to grow and develop their skills at their own pace. Run by some of the most experienced coaches in South Africa, Dorey's will guide your child through every step of their swimming journey.


Dorey's coaches swimmers to the best international swimming standards and develops powerful water skills (strokes, breathing, dives & turns) which makes them excellent, confident and highly trained competitors. Swimmers not only become part of the Dorey's family but also a part of South Africa's swimming fraternity.

At Dorey's:

  • We teach our kids how to work well with others and to be a proud, supportive, kind and respectful team member.

  • We teach our swimmers how to push through when they feel like quitting.

  • We create an environment where your child will create life-long friendships.

  • We teach your child that swimming is not just about fitness and movement but about a healthy psychology and life.

  • We teach our swimmers discipline and resilience as well as the importance of keeping agreements and showing up.

  • We teach our swimmers that consistency is the secret to success.

  • We teach our swimmers how to respect and acknowledge their competition.

  • We show our swimmers how to deal with disappointments and to learn to accept the bad days as well as the good.

  • We teach our swimmers how to set and accomplish goals.

  • We show our swimmers that it takes hours of hard work and practice to create a champion, and that success does not happen overnight.

  • We teach your child how to find a life-long passion for swimming.

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