Dorey's trains and manages swimming squads at Levels 1, 2, 3 and SANJ (South African National Junior) levels in South Africa. One of the most experienced swimming clubs in Johannesburg, Dorey's in known for their excellent training record and have produced some of South Africa's top swimmers who have competed at international FINA competitions including the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.

Squad swimming requires commitment and dedication all year round. Our swimming squads train on average 6 times a week, 12 months a year and compete at all CGA (Central Gauteng Aquatics) competitions and championships. All squad swimmers are registered with the CGA and Swim SA.

Swimmers are graded into the 4 levels (1,2,3 & SANJ) according to experience, age and time qualifications as set out by FINA.

Adrian Dorey is the head coach of all Dorey's squads. Swimmers will be invited to join our squads at the head coach's discretion.


L1&2 Teams

We currently have 6 swimmers competing at this level in Gauteng.


L3 Team

We currently have 11 swimmers competing at this level in Gauteng.

SANJ 2017.png


We currently have 2 swimmers competing at this National level.