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Joining the Dorey's Club

  • Adrian Dorey (head coach) will give you a letter of invitation for your child to join his squad.

  • Upon acceptance of a place in the club, a registration form needs to be filled in as well as an annual registration fee.

  • Your child will be expected to attend a minimum of 3 squad training sessions a week (session are 90 minutes). Most club swimmers train 5/6 times per week.

  • Squad training takes place on Monday - Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

    • Sub-Junior squad training: 15h00 -16h00

    • Junior squad training: 16h00 - 17h30

    • Senior squad training: 17h30 - 19h00

    • Saturday combined Junior and Senior squad training: 08h30 - 10h00
  • All squad swimmers will need a training kit that includes flippers, hand paddles and a kickboard.
  • A new club swimming cap will be issued to new members by the club.
  • The 2019 annual fee to join the Dorey's club is R2017 and this includes registration with CGA and SSA (Swim South Africa)

How do CGA competitions work?

  • When your child joins the Dorey's Club for the first time they will be entered on the CGA database with a NT (No Time). They will need to compete in their first CGA gala in order to register a time on the database.

  • All club swimmer's parents will be added to relevant WhatsApp and e-mail groups.

  • All parent's are advised to download the Meet Mobile app on their phones.

  • The Dorey's club secretary will contact all club swimmer's parents with the details of an upcoming CGA gala as well as the available races to enter in that gala.

  • Swimmers can choose the races they would like to enter and email/WhatsApp their choices through to the club secretary along with payment (payment is made per race entered)

  • Fees for Gala entries: R27 registration + R32 per race entered + R20 swimmer development fee which supports swimmers in need who are unable to finance their club and gala fees.

  • Once Dorey's has submitted all entries into CGA, they will receive a 'psych sheet' which lists all swimmers competing in all races. This will only happen 3-5 days before the gala. These sheets will be emailed to all parents so that all swimmers and entry times can be double checked and any corrections can be queried with the club secretary who will confirm details with the CGA.

  • The 'heat sheets' for the CGA gala will then be sent to the club secretary (usually the day before the gala begins) and those will be emailed to all parents. The 'heat sheets' list all of the starting times, heats and lane numbers for all swimmers and events in the gala. Parents are advised to print out these heat sheets and bring them to the gala as they won't be available at the venue.

  • One parent of each club member is required to qualify as a timekeeper (courses are run throughout the year) and then qualified timekeepers are required to volunteer at galas throughout the year. A club has to put forward 1 timekeeper from their club for every 3 swimmers competing in the gala. Dorey's does have 1 timekeeper for hire if parents are unable to volunteer their time.

  • During the Summer, CGA galas happen at Ellis Park Swimming Pool.

  • During the Winter, CGA galas happen at indoor swimming pools: The Wahoo Aquatics Centre or the Boksburg Swimming Pool.

  • The annual Gala calendar will be posted on this site as soon as available and will be posted on the pinboards at Dorey's.

  • All club members sit together at the galas, bring a cushion and pack food & drinks for the day.

  • The head coach, Adrian Dorey is at all galas as well as the team manager, Marlon Allamby.

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